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    March 23, 2010


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    Although I think that's a really nice, well writen e-mail, it's also kind of naive. Case in point: Rudolph Giulianni being hired to help Rio. Yes, this is a bunch of bullsh*t, the government spending MILLIONS in something that's totally useless. Mexico City already tried this approach, spent an absurd amount of money hiring Giuliani as a consultant and it was a huge waste of money. But of course the government totally ignored Mexico experience because, in the news, hiring the guy who "cleaned" NYC seems like something extremely positive when it's actually huge waste. Oh well...

    Daily Rio Life

    Well it's not the first money that the Prefeitura of Rio has wasted... have you seen the police on the segways on the beach??? I could come up with more examples...


    I don't write people's blog or any other kind of media but sometimes you feel like you have to say something...
    Live us alone! If I knew the email address of the stupid canadian writing about Brazil,
    I would have wrote to her myself, so please tell her to shut up and mind her business, if I knew her name I would send to the Brazilian Embassy and be sure she is never granted visa to Brazil.

    Daily Rio Life

    Curious as to what on this post (which as I mentioned was written by a reader, not by me) set you off exactly?


    Pft, PAC? Really? Is he REALLY talking about the huge waste of money that's shown no results whatsoever? Maybe he thinks having to pay more taxes because of projects that could very well be entrusted to private companies is a good thing. But, hey, that's just me talking. None of my business if he thinks it's normal to rush a bidding for a power plant and encumber taxpayers with a few more billion reais just so a candidate can get more votes.


    pfff seriously? That's the e-mail u chose to show us?
    Yeah maybe people shouldn't be so negative about their country, but can u really blame them? Yeah theres a lot of corruption in Italy too, but do u see hundreds of people being murdered everyday and nothing happening to the murderers? Do u see people dying in line for some medical assinstance?
    Olympics? World Cup? Such a horrible idea. Yeah people are gonna be happy with it,but is it really the priority in our country?
    And Lula? ha-ha. 3 years ago he said Brasil's public health system was a step away from a first world one. I dont see any difference from 10 years ago, and btw, he's sick and went to a private hospital.
    If anyone, that e-mail guy is the kind of brazilian Brazil doenst need. The one that is happy with the country the way it is. Yeah the olympics! Yay! Wake up and look around.
    Other than that I'm thankful for ur blog showed me where to get sourcream.

    kaizen events

    That's pretty exciting to look at.

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