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    March 14, 2010


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    heheh I think you are not using the right service lol
    I sent a box with various music cd's to a friend in Houston, and it arrived there in 1 week, more precisely 6 days lol why that? I had the option for 4 types of services(as I was told)
    1) regular with discount - it is cheap but it can take forever - like 1 month
    2) regular - not so cheap but it can take forever as well - like 1 month
    3) registered - expensive (not as expensive as Canadian post) it can take up to 30 days (lol)but you can track it inside Brazil
    4) SEDEX - this is the best one, but really expensive (still cheaper than the Canadian xpress) delivery up to 15 days (my deliveries never took more than 7 days) plus you can track it even abroad. :)

    Account Deleted

    True, it's quite unpredictable. My Christmas cards all made it the the US and Europe within 10 days (sending them "simples"-slow). Cards and boxes that were sent here took a long time, 3 weeks for the boxes (sent priority!)and some cards took 2 months to arrive. I also have a package that is still MIA since December and for the first time in 6 years a package was held hostage by Correios (via Receita Federal), I had to pay $R65 to release a toy that cost US$30, but with the postage exceeded $US50. I didn't realize before this happened that they figure postage into the US$50 limit, at least they did in that instance. Yesterday received two Easter packages that were sent here from the US, only took 10 days. Yippie!

    Daily Rio Life

    It's so random. Some stuff takes no time at all and others, well....

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