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    March 19, 2010


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    Account Deleted

    I am SO not looking forward to this. Unreal!


    Sorry to hear about the 'oil' tirade. Unfortunately some people in Brazil think that they are being exploited byt the'imperialist Americans'. Little do they know, is that without foreign investment and technology, the offshore oil discoveries would never be drilled.
    Brazilians LOVE these psychotecnical testings. You even have to do them when applying for jobs, hence my question of drawing a tree.
    These tests are useless because in the end of the day, Brazilians are all maniacs on the road. They all think that they are the reincarnation of Ayrton Senna.
    And the road comment

    Wrenaissance Art

    Just to let you know--the political commentary by the tester is not the norm. I took the exam in 2007 and the test administrator was very professional, as was the doctor who did the interview afterwards.

    BTW, it's not unusual in parts of the US for the DMV to offer the study booklets in the languages of the most common immigrants of the region, even though you have to take the test in English.


    Since I am planning a move to Rio, I have been reading your blog for several months. I haven't ever commented before, but I just had to say "thanks" for this post. Hysterical! The best laugh I've had in a while.
    To add to the previous comment, there are places in the US where you can not only study for the driving test in another language, but also take the test in that language.

    Daily Rio Life

    Airlegs - We'll drink wine after. Or Sangria at Venga!

    Canarioca - you said it, sister. Brazilian resources are VERY well protected. This chick has no clue. But she administers this "exam" for a living, so we must consider this... I agree the driving is maniacal. But apparently I'm sane enough to do it...

    Wrenaissance Art - Good to hear that the commentary is not standard procedure. Good to know about the languages!

    Louise - Welcome! And Thanks!

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    mallory elise

    ahahhaha, it's funny i found that you already wrote about this, i was thinking about writing to Rachel (rio gringa) and having her write a story on it since it's not the type of material i write on my blog, but the tests for driving license here infuriates me!!! and do you know what makes it WORSE?!?! my mother-in-law is one of the people who chooses and GIVES the effing psychology tests!!! ahhhh!!!! she sits at her kitchen table and grades them, i've taken quite a few while drinkin coffee just so i can laugh at it (she also gives the tests for the police officers so they can hold a gun, one of them is "draw a human" from which she can learn their personality. wtf?) anyways, it's hard because i know my husband wants to agree with me about how worthless these tests are and that everyone thinks they are complete jokes, but it's his mother's livelihood! definately had a raised-voice conversation in the car about it a few weeks ago, but he agrees. And up until about 10 years ago you used to have to get the test RETAKEN every 5 years just like the medical exam, can you imagine. her business was cut by almost 3/4 with the new one time exam rule. the government tried to eliminate them, but the spychologists need jobs. it's amazing how this type of bullshit test could never exist in the US because the nation would be screaming about their liberties. i have to get over my "I refuse to back down from my view!!!!" and take the effing test (been here 5 months and still cant drive) i was (am) a very resistant child, but what can you do...someday i will tell her (with love) that her entire group of test givers need to suck it up and find new jobs!

    Daily Rio Life

    I think a better indication of whether you're Brazil road-ready would be a test of getting into the tiny parking stalls in buildings!

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    I just love the theme and the detail you went to. Everything was so well coordinated and looked so aestehtically pleasing to the eye. Such fun for a two year old.

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    why they request a psychological exam for the drivers license? this measure don't have any sense.

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    Hello I enjoyed yoiur article. I think you have some good ideas and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work!.

    the wise one

    Making fun of it is very mature. I see that you are all smarter than a 2 years old kid. Congratulations.

    Tyra Shortino

    It's an interesting concept for a driving test. Well, it's probably there to judge how you think on the road. Even if the test seems unorthodox, it's best to be ready for it and score high.

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    I just took this damn test today and failed. UNBELIEVABLE! I had no problem getting my drivers licence in Japan. I feel really crummy and pissed.
    I thought this kind of test was to evaluate your subconscious personality and no matter how many times you take the darn thing the results are supposed to be the same. My Brazilian husband tells me that 90% of the ppl are failed. Are they doing this just to get more money?? If so, I wish they would just charge me the extra $90 so I could save time from taking this 2.5 hour test again...

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    Thank you for sharing this post. I found it very informative and helpful. You give some great insight to what living in Rio is like. I am actually moving there for my job and am very excited. I am just hammering out a few details like how I am going to get my car over there.

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