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    March 16, 2010


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    You are very lucky that the road cop didn't shake you down. Whenever stopped and searched in a car, ALWAYS keep an eye on the police officer and follow him closely. They can plant a small bag of cocaine or pot in your car and blame you.
    Also, make sure that your driver's license is Brazilian. As you are now considered residents, the 30 day grace period is over and you will have to get Brazilian driver's licenses. This is very important because if not, your insurance is null and void and even if an accident is not your fault, you will be held liable for all damages.
    I learned this the hard way


    Sometimes I wonder why we have this fear in Brazil. It really seems the police is not there to protect you. Maybe it is because we see so many cases of corruption... :(
    Canarioca gave you good tips.. ALWAYS keep an eye... but don't let him notice that :p

    Account Deleted

    Wow, you've certainly have some encounters lately! I can't believe the PF came to your house for an interview. I need to get this license business done, Urgh. You've motiviated me. Detran, here I come, well soon at least. And, DON'T watch "Tropa de Elite" until you are back, good idea. It's extremely violent and disturbing.

    Daily Rio Life

    Canarioca - EEK! Really????? PS we do have our licenses... blog entry coming your way soon on THAT ordeal.

    Jonas - read my other story about my scary situation, that's why I'm scared at least.

    airlegs - I know, three is crazy. But things come in 3's right, so we're done! Have fun with the process... we should go for wine after you're finished that day!


    On a weekend trip to the Buzios, we were stopped by police and searched for drugs. They made us get out and searched all suitcases, and seats in the car. They were smelling everything in sight, and no smiling, just looked evil! I was VERY scared. The SIZE of the guns are what really put the fear in me...Anyways, they let us go after 10 minutes - but SHEW! I was not happy...

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