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    February 04, 2010


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    I believe she's from the interior of Brazil; though I've unfortunately not had the opportunity to travel outside of Rio (state) I understand that not all "Brazilians" can be generalized by "Carioca" behavior. Luckily I'm in the right place for when I eventually have a child; c-section and plenty of drugs sounds A-OK for me :)


    also didn't use serious pain medication. "I wanted to be conscious and present for what was happening," she says. "I didn't want to be anesthetized. I wanted to feel."

    This is what the article said, so she used some medication for pain, just not SERIOUS medication whatever that means.


    I don't know if you check your e-mail often, but I sent you an e-mail to :D
    Well, I think she is brazilian, but with other habits. The south of Brazil has a big influence from germans and italians immigrants. The influence is so big and deep that they can't even notice it.


    Hey DRL, have you seen her Fantastico interview (her only TV interview)? She's as Brazilian as you can get: EXTREMELY proud of her country (repeating 1000 times how her son is completely Brazilian, will visit Brazil a lot and will speak fluent Portuguese) and completely attached to her mom (Brazil is full of Momma boys and girls).

    BTW, Gisele traits are very common in the South of Brazil ;D

    The link to her interview:,,MUL1465859-15605,00-GISELE+BUNDCHEN+CONTA+TUDO+SOBRE+O+PARTO+DEI+A+LUZ+DENTRO+DA+BANHEIRA.html (on Youtube:


    Oh, and she had a very Brazilian reason not to name her baby soon: she wanted a Brazilian-sounding name but couldn't find one that her husband was familiar with (in the end, they chose Benjamin because it has a close pronunciation in Portuguese and English).


    Sorry, last comment, neither of my links worked:


    Gosh, that's extremely embarrassing. Here it goes, finally:


    "repeating 1000 times how her son is completely Brazilian"

    How can he be completely Brazilian when he has an American Father .. that's ridiculous. Also, as he was born in the U.S he'll have a U.S passport & Brazilian I'm sure but that definitely doesn't make you "completely Brazilian". As for her being Brazilian, well, of course she is but I guess you can't generalize just like any other nationality. My Mother is Brazilian but is more European [Italian parents] than anything else ... everyone's different.

    Account Deleted

    I am sure her son will be a wonderful mixture of Brasilian and American. I think it's a great mix and I am pretty sure both parents will infuse their own influences to balance his childhood.

    I know many Brasilian women here in Rio who want the natural birthing method, without drugs,100% natural. My Brasilian sister-in-law is due in June and she is set on natural. I, on the other hand, American with a family history of very long complicated labors,opted for a c-section (other factors contributed too)and I have to say, it was quick, easy and my son was born healthy and perfect and is perfect, no complications, he was released the following morning. It's a choice here,and I am thankful for that. One that my sister didn't have in the US and had to endure a 29 hour labor only to end up with the baby in extreme distress and it ended up with a c-section in the end, and the baby in ICU. Who knows what is ultimately best for mother and baby? There are so many factors with childbirth. Not everything is textbook.


    Izara, watch the interview and you'll see for yourself. SHE said her son is going to be "completely Brazilian", not me. Of course it doesn't make sense since he was born in the US but it's her words..


    Maybe she is a 'true' brazilian .. look at her baby all bundled up. He must be cold!

    Daily Rio Life

    I love how much response this little one little tongue-in-cheek post got - so funny!

    Tricia - then you have come to the right place! It is true that different regions of Brazil produce different attitudes. I too often generalize "Brazilian" when I should say Carioca. Checked out your blog the other day - nice!

    Lisa - yes, "serious" is a bit subjective, isn't it? Good point!

    Felipe - Thank you for your email - I will respond soon but am not sure where to start. Really enjoyed it!

    Andrew - Gisele is so lucky to have a fan as devoted as you!

    Izara - We are all different, good point.

    Airlegs - I think everything related to kids/pregnancy etc. is an individual, unique situation. Which is exactly why I don't really like the whole "C-sections for everyone!" mentality. If you need one, omg by all means! Get that baby out! Your poor sister...

    Mel - fyi it is now too hot for her here. And I quote from a lady at the store the other day "no one deserves this" (Canadoca being out in her stroller) - so apparently I am supposed to just sit at home year round....

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