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    February 08, 2010


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    Sorry, but this was ridiculous! Go back home! :D
    The most funny is because they came to RIO, a very big city, known for the problems and now they say they miss their perfect life of their cities. Why they came? idiots!


    I am Brazilian, and I am living in Canada since 2008. When I am in Canada I miss tons of things that I can only have in Brazil, and vice versa.
    I believe that once you have lived in another country your life will be completely transformed, and sometimes you will get lost wondering which one you miss the most lol

    Account Deleted

    I miss having a "good hair day"!

    Daily Rio Life

    Hanna - To be fair, I did ASK them what they missed, and I think that anyone would miss something from where they are from, or from anywhere they have lived for that matter! To not have an opinion or single thing to list would be a bit odd, don't you think?

    Jonas - It's interesting, I think that when I eventually leave, I will miss Brazil a lot more than I miss Canada now. Most likely because I know I am going back to Canada someday and will have again these things I miss, but with Brazil it will not be that way (except for vacations of course).

    Airlegs - it's been YEARS since I had one!!!! Though luckily it is getting better now that my hair is longer. When I came here I had a bob- not a good look in humid Rio!


    LOL interesting; I have 'fine' hair so Rio is the first place where I feel like I have incredible hair, I have volume and body for the first time in my life. And my Seda $3R shampoo is working awesome.

    I thought this expat survey you did was very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

    I found $4R-ish tortillas at Presunic this week and thought I would share. Not only is the brand name amusing but I also remember reading how expensive they were here, and thought these were pretty reasonable (almost the same as I pay in the US)

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