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    January 19, 2010


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    We've been to Praia do Forte near Salvador. It's quiet, calm and would be easy with a baby. We've also been to Morro de Sao Paulo - it's a great place but would be harder with a baby, but not impossible.


    I would definitely recommend Morro de Sao Paulo. Stay on 3rd or 4th beach to have quiet and calm (you can always walk or shuttle over to second beach when you want some action!) We did it when Gabriela was 4 months old - I think she'd love it now though!!!


    There are a number of small resorts in the Angra area that seem to be exactly what you are looking for. Many of these places are very safe, private clubs where you can rent a cabana at the invitation of a club member.

    Good luck with the Bagels. Also, did you realize that your last name comes up in the Typepad pop-up window?


    I loved porto de galinhas! We went pre-kids but I think it'd work wonderfully. It's south of Recife and is beautiful. When I went a couple years ago, it was an up and coming Buzios but much smaller and mellower. They were only just re-doing the downtown.

    Jean Andreadis

    There is an all-inclusive resort named Mazzaropi in Taubate ( it is pretty close from Rio. Obviously, they don't have any beach there but it is mostly designed for kids fun (and adults as well). So, you can enjoy some free time with your husband (it's up to you), once the entertainers can take care of your daughter while all kids are playing or even you can leave her at "brinquedoteca" where the small kids can play.

    My wife and myself are from Brazil and we went there many times since our kids were toddlers . We have two kids (5 and 7). Currently, we are living in Toronto and is not that easy to get there. We've spent last new year holydays there and it was amazing. Good food, nice entertainment for kids, reasonable prices.. check it out.

    Donna Parsley

    Hmmm...Brazil sounds fun, but I was raised in Miami and I know for certain that the beaches there are terrific! Why don't you try it? I know a friend who has an awesome beach resort there.

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