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    January 25, 2010


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    Account Deleted

    During the past two weeks my car has gotten nailed by these falling fruits too many times to count. It always scares me out of my skin! Poor Canadoca!


    You haven't experienced Brazil until you have been mango bombed. I got severely bombed by a big one last year in Tamandare Pernumbuco.. ouch


    yikes! so its mango's? if its mangos then its a slice of tropical heaven... we pay so much for the fruit and you have them dropping for free!!!!
    just the smell sends me drooling and the fruit is the nectar of the gods
    ok ok ok so you have to eat them in the bath because they are so juicy lol


    "Back home [...] I've also always been scared of icicles falling off and stabbing me in the head, though I can say I have not ever heard of this actually happening to anyone."

    HAHA! THAT'S SO VERY TRUE! I can't believe it's the middle of winter in Canada & only after reading this blog post was I reminded that I used to have this fear! (Definitely proof of how unusually warm it is in the country--at least the southern part!)

    Account Deleted

    These aren't mango trees along the streets here in Leblon (though there are some for sure). I believe these trees are called Amendoeira and they are all over Rio. They are fantastic trees because not only do they keep the streets shady, they also provide great shelter during rain showers. The falling fruit cycle is something to take note of though...when these things come down, it is often from as high as 5 floors above...THUD!!! I have seen them dent car hoods and roofs.

    Mangos are by far worse since they are much larger and heavier. When I lived in Fortaleza, there was an outdoor restaurant surrounded by mangueira trees and they had a big banner that advised customers to be aware of falling mangos. "Dine at your own risk"...

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