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    January 08, 2010


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    Anna SB

    Please can you let me know how the investigation about Mike Kanaley goes in Rio? He had lots of friends here in the UK and we are struggling with with articles in Portugeese, please.

    Best regards,



    Hi Anna -

    Michael will be dearly missed by everyone.

    This is his nephew, Dan, and you can contact me at: [email protected]

    We translated a number of articles that we can send to you.

    Angela Neumann

    Please post any information you get regarding Mike's murder in English for us. We are in shock and deeply deeply saddened by this senseless loss. My husband and Mike worked together for 20 years, doing a start-up here in the Bay area together. Mike was one of a kind and such a gentle soul. this loss is unspeakable.
    my email is [email protected]


    The following article has been translated into English from Portuguese. Please keep in mind that some wording and context has been lost in the translation.

    American is found dead with gunshots in Buzios

    Alien was in a rental car and headed for Rio, but was approached by criminals who robbed and executed him

    Rebecca Bruno Bordalo, Reginaldo Coimbra

    08/01/2010 –

    The American engineer, Michael John Kanaley, 41, was found dead with gunshots in the face on the morning of last Tuesday (5) in Buzios, the access road to the airport (RJ 102), the Rasa. According to information from the investigation, he drove a rental car in Rio, 8942 LLA board, which would be returned in Rio, and was approached by criminals who surrendered, robbed, and executed on the tourist route between the end of the hotel Blue Marlin, in Geribá, where he was staying, and the airport road where the body was found.

    A man walked down the road from the airport shortly after 11.00 am on Tuesday (5) was the one who found the victim and called the police at the scene, performed the skill, and removed the body from the scene in the afternoon Tuesday. On the road, were the bloodstains. By the time the police found no witness to the crime.

    On Wednesday (6), the SRF has been thrown by Búzios Cabo Frio police have located the car hired by the engineer incinerated in summonses, the 2nd district of Cabo Frio, on the afternoon of Tuesday (5), but only called the case the next day, informing the police investigator. The lap top bag and the engineer were no longer inside the vehicle.

    Also on Wednesday (6), the police heard the woman Michael and a friend of the U.S. to try to get clues.

    Researchers do not have any suspects or know the motivation of the crime. So far the record of occurrence in the 127th Police Precinct Civilian Armação dos Búzios is as larceny, robbery followed by death. However, other hypotheses were not discarded, because the burning car is an indication that criminals bother to delete tracks and lap top and carrying bag that Michael was not found. The computer belonged to the multinational company for which the engineer worked. The victim's family is making contact with the company in order to obtain information that may assist the investigation.

    The police chief Marcus Druker, head of the 127th Police Precinct Civilian Armação dos Búzios wary of research that is only the beginning and believes it should arrive soon to resolve the case. The incident occurred on the road RJ 102, where there is no record of car theft. The city received this reveillon 400 thousand tourists and this was the first murder case since the Drucker tourist took the police in May 2009. - Of course he was approached between the hotel and access to the airport road. Not by mistake he would go that road. He had been surrendered and that was a decision of the criminal or criminals to run the engineer and leave the body.

    The car fire can not say that it was to hide clues, though that is a habit of criminals, as the location where the car was found burned many cars appear. We are investigating the case and believe that soon with the solution.

    Druker said that can not provide more details so as not to hinder the investigation.

    Michael Kanaley, which is separated from his wife, including divorce proceedings being dealt with, spent the New Year's Eve with her daughters and friends in Buzios. The former wife of Michael came to Buzios on Monday (4) get the children. The engineer was last seen when he left the hotel Blue Marlin, where he stayed for the party's end, shortly after 10:00 am on Tuesday (5). He had been there Búzios the year before, staying in the same hostel. Michael was financing a property for him in the river through the Federal Savings and should have signed the contract on Tuesday (5), date of crime.

    According to official hotel, the engineer who speaks little Portuguese and has been described as a very gentle and careful with their daughters. Once stayed at the hotel made it clear he did not want anyone shook it in his luggage. Although a second employee, he was pretty cool, although it does not look in his eyes and made several purchases for the daughters in the hotel shop. Unlike his father, the girls and spoke Portuguese, and also spoke English and German.

    According to the Federal Police, Michael Kanaley, was in Brazil for seven years, in good standing. He was married to a Brazilian, lived in the Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro and had a permanent visa.

    The body of American Michael Kanaley will be buried in the United States. According to the New Life Funeral Home, the transfer should take place next week, but the family's request the date of shipment of the body and the place where it will be sent will not be disclosed.

    Aprille Creager-Rafidison

    We had a memorial for Mike this past weekend and celebrated his life. Many of his work friends came and many of his good old friends from when he first came to SF, back in the early 90's, were there. Me included. I dated Mike back in 1992-1993, the year before he moved to Amsterdam. He changed my life in many ways. It would take hours and days of story telling to describe how significant he was in my life. I loved him dearly and will miss him more than I can say.

    Aprille Creager-Rafidison

    Here is a song that Mike's good friend Emily wrote for him that you all should hear.

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    I loved him dearly and will miss him more than I can say.

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