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    January 30, 2010


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    Account Deleted

    I too am so happy about Vezpa, the variety of gourmet by-the-slice pizza reminds me of something you would find in the US, like a California Pizza Kitchen. It smells so good when you walk by!

    Prima was good, a charming spot, really doing well it seems as it is always packed everytime I pass by. We sampled a few different bruschettas which were nice, not the best I've had here but good enough to want to go back. Also they have a few good salads (the burrata is great) and some risotto dishes. We also sampled a garrafa of an alcoholic spritzer of sparkling wine, seltzer, contreau and orange slices...very light and refreshing. We went during their opening week and the service was a bit confused, but I'm sure they will work out the kinks.

    You're right, Leblon is constantly gaining new & exciting additions. I keep seeing new things every week. I am delighted with all of the frozen yogurt shops that keep popping up. We tried Froyo the other day. They have 4 different flavors and even have a kids size for R$5 that comes on a sugar cone. It was a hit. = )

    Tom Wojcik

    Greetings from Calgary!

    I've stumbled upon your website while browsing information about Rio. Your restaurant tips are fantastic! My wife, my daughter (7) and myself will be visiting Rio at the end of June. Since I find Brazil to be rather expensive, would you recommend any decent, moderately priced restaurants around Copacabana/Ipanema? Thank you for recommending Amir! I'm a vegetarian (tried vegan diet for 6 months but found out that I simply can't live without feta cheese!) and I was looking for a Brazilian equivalent of King Falafel (which, btw, rules!)And thanks to you, found it! Thank you!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!




    Hello! I found your blog on the site "expat-blog". I am brazilian and I think it is really interesting read opinions of people from other countries living here. I am used to read of brazilians abroad, not the opposite. I have read all the posts of 2008, and now I am going to read 2009. I want to have a full idea of your point of view before sending an e-mail to ask you some things.

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