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    December 03, 2009


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    Don't worry about the unrefrigerated eggs in Brazil, they are perfectly safe.
    The reason WE refrigerate eggs in North America is basically because our weather conditions are usually too harsh and or the Egg's producing centers are too far away from the consuming centers.
    Our eggs cross frozen mountains when going across the Rockies and extremelly HOT temperatures when crossing the deserts around the West.
    Brazil's weather is always mild and Eggs are mostly produced locally.
    No need for refrigeration!

    PS: We buy fresh eggs from a small farm in Rhode Island, no refrigeration here either ;)


    Hi, I found your blog through various links on other people's blog.

    I totally agree with number 5. I used to be such a "softy" about that when I first arrived in Chile. It would just rip my heart out. I've changed a lot in that respect.

    Oh, and about the eggs. The eggs don't seem to be refrigerated anywhere in Latin America and I heard it was because they were ultra-pasteurized, sort of like the milk. It used to creep me out too. I just found out last night that this process helps cut down on the whole bloody egg (sorry if that sounds gross) thing that we sometimes find in our eggs.


    ho boy did #4 freak me out when i first moved here.. i was wary of eating eggs wherever i went.. after i got married the "refrigerate the eggs" could be classified as the first "argument" my wife and i really had.. she could not understand why i was so adamant about it.. i dont know about where you live, but here in garanhuns they have a truck that drives around in the heat and sells them off the bed of the truck, 1 is R$3 or 2 of the big trays for 5 reias.. 4 years full time, 10 going back and forth and it still freaks me out every time

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