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    December 16, 2009


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    So glad to see you survived with the baby - so brave! A note about the bug spray...we went to Machu Picchu (from Rio) two months ago and were lucky to be warned about the biting bugs by another tourist who had just been. BUT, the bug spray was not enough. My husband and mother-in-law were bitten anyway. I was the only one without any bites and this was because I had on a heavy cashmere sweater over a long sleeve t-shirt plus thick jeans. They were only wearing one thin long-sleeve layer and were bitten through the material. Also, the insects seem to like to bite only on the back sides of the legs and under the arms and on the hands...the poor man who warned us had apparently worn shorts and short sleeves and the undersides of his limbs were absolutely covered!


    Wow, it sounds and looks just amazing. How wonderful you were able to do it, it is awesome that you did with your little one!

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