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    December 04, 2009


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    Are you going to try to draw meaningful conclusions about the expat community in Rio from a survey of 60 people who read your blog? Not exactly what I would call a random (or large) sample...


    That's a bit harsh - I have just moved to Rio and am looking forward to seeing the results of the survey. 60 might not be loads, but it's more expats that I've spoken to in the last 2 weeks.

    Daily Rio Life

    SarahB - Thank you.

    Sarah - I conducted the survey to try and give other expats a voice on the blog, in an effort to provide a more well-rounded perspective to my readers. If you don't think it's scientific enough, don't read it. I will provide the responses, you can draw your own "meaningful conclusions" which is also why I provided the data on how many respondents I had. In terms of a random or large sample, although I did not discuss this on the blog as of yet, I sent the survey to several expat organizations in Rio and other contacts in Rio, not necessarily just readers of this blog. Again, the attempt is just to share a variety or perspectives.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people feel the need to try and pull others down, the entire purpose of this exercise is to help people, yet I am being attacked for that? Wow.

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