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    December 19, 2009


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    Thkx a lot! I havé two questions about that: where can you Find someone good? And how much do you pay an empregada?

    Merry christmas everyone!


    Blanche, in my experience, referrals from other people, other empregadas/faixineiras, even porteiros (doormen)is a good way, but perhaps there are agencies, I'm not sure. It is always hit-and-miss. And "good" will depend a lot on your hands-on training. Be prepared to explain exactly what you want, from the get-go, every single detail and sequence, that is the way to approach this. I once had a lady that I was too nice and too lax with (guilt I think) and it was a disaster. Be precise from the beginning and you and your help will have a much better time, they can't guess what you want and without direction, might end up watching novelas and eating all of your food. It happened to me once. It sounds indulgent to have "help" but things here are more difficult, lack of clothes dryers (which translates into everything needing to be ironed), no dishwasher, hot water is not always a given in your kitchen depending on your apartment...there is a lot more "housework". We pay $500 per month for 2 half-days and one full day a week. She is my savior and my life here is so much better because of her. And she cooks wonderful food too! Good luck.


    Thank you very much for all the info stephenie.

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