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    December 08, 2009


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    Very interesting! I am impressed (or better said, in awe) with the amount of financial support expats are sponsored by large companies. Eye opening. I can't wait to hear about housing, I am sure it will be jaw dropping, the rents covered. Good work, great info.


    Danger pay? I understand crime and thief are problems here, but there are dangers in every part of the world. I see it this way - pay the ex-pats danger pay so that they can buy more expensive clothes, jewelry and drive nicer cars so they will be more conspicuous and more at risk for crime. That is quite sarcastic, but really!

    Clark Adams

    Cool! Rio is one of the cities where I want to live. I know it has wonderful beaches and a lot of people. It's surprising to know that expats in Rio get all these perks from their companies. Seems like expats are living the high life. Maybe, I should apply to be an expat there, hehe.


    A very interesting article, and nice to see some real statistics rather than just heresy. The issue of expat pay is interesting, as I was very happy to come here, but then I didn't have my partner leaving a job, kids changing school, house to rent out back home. If you ask people to give that up, then you need to encourage them with these kind of benefits. Unsurprisingly the more experience workers are the ones most likely to be sought after as expats, but they are exactly the ones least looking to relocate.

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