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    November 04, 2009


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    Funny thing...

    I am just waiting to watch this tonight and was on the phone with my Mom telling her about it. She googled it and said "oh, this site "dailyriolife" has info!"..



    Now having watched the segment,I was disappointed. Rio is so colorful and full of life and positive energy, life here for kids can be really didn't really get that from this show. Was it due to the Olympics choice? I hope not! I think she chose the wrong people to interview and I wonder if she got charged to enter the slums in Africa ever? Or India? I doubt it is just a Brasilian phenomenon.


    We definitely noticed the more negative questions asked to the Rio housewife, although I'm glad they did pick a middle-class one. I read alot of comments on her website, but you have to take it with a grain of salt, you can't cover everything in an hour show. Also, I thought Rio was voted the happiest people, not Copenhagen?

    Edinamar Trindade

    It's not the first time we get the impression that Oprah hates Brazil. Now it really looks like it has something to do with the Olympics choice, but Brazilians have been presented as shallow people which couldn’t be more mean. It would be great to see a more impartial approach.

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