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    November 21, 2009


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    Yes, shopping in Rio is a challenge for sure. If you could see the disaster that was my homemade "hummus", you would fall down laughing.

    Ray Adkins

    Frankly, it is as hard to find fresh Cranberries in Rio or Sao Paulo as it is to find Fresh Passion Fruit in Boston or New York.
    As the old saying goes " When in Rome do as the Romans do..."
    I read Lori's post and the fact that she couldn't find "Oatmeal" in Maringa was very surprising, Oats and Oatmeal are a staple in southern Brazilian pantries and Quaker Oats are as common in Sao Paulo grocery stores as Rice and Beans, if you ever fly into Sao Paulo, when you are driving out of the International Airport, as soon as you enter Dutra, look to your right and you will see a gigantic "Quaker" brand sign on the sign of a factory, it is the largest Quaker plant in Brazil, where they make things as "Quaker Oats" "Quaker Oatmeal", "Gatorade" "Toddy" among many other products, this factory is not new, it has been there for almost a century.
    On the other hand, there is the preference for certain brands, it is easy to find Peanut Butter in Brazil, but now, if you have a preference for a certain brand such as Peter Pan of Jiffy, give me a break, you will have a hard time to find it...and will probably have to bring it with you next time you come to the US.
    Most other things you just learn how to find the local substitutes or in the specific cases of "real Mapple Syrup" or "fresh cranberries" you either buy it in expensive import stores or learn to go without...and enjoy it when you fly home.
    To be in Maringa complaining that you can't find "Bisquik" brand pancake mix is almost the same thing as being in Oklahoma City complaining that you can't find "Pequi" ( local condiment specific of Goias-Brazil) for your chicken, or trying to buy Vegemite in Campinas-Sao Paulo.
    We have moved around so much that we learned to adapt to the local products and brands, it is amazing the difference of products and brands just withing the United States, imagine around the world.


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