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    November 01, 2009


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    Poor you. I know as a Mom you try to do everything right, but the one second you look away...oh well. Thank goodness it was ok, that it sat well with her tummy/body. One other thing to note, with my son I breastfed for two years (with great critcism) and also kept him away from nuts and honey until after 2 years. Be aware, given there is such a SMALL selection of bottled baby foods, I was really surprised to learn that one of the 8 out there, actually contained honey. I think you can't let your guard down ever. I tried to make a lot of at-home, organic foods, but every now and then you really need the bottled stuff, for trips or days out. Mel was such a surprise ingredient.

    To comment on another recent post, we did go to the American School Halloween party and it was a lot of fun, I was amazed, there were probably over 300 people there, even with some rain. Today, we set out to go to the Gay Pride Parade, which is always fun, but as we stopped at Jobi on the way for a chopp...the rain started and hasn't let up now, for 6 hours. Too bad!

    Ray Adkins

    Feeding cake to a child is definitely NOT a SOUTH AMERICAN
    Your story sounds so familiar it's not even funny.
    It happens everywhere, it is more a matter of a different generation, I've seen it in Thanksgiving dinners and family reunions from Oklahoma to Rhode Island.
    Older folks are not as picky as the new moms, new moms like you and Emily are very well informed with books and Internet etc.
    I think if you ask anyone raising kids in the 60's or 70's a little cake to an infant would not raise any eyebrows.

    Not to mention the stories we hear about absence of car seats and heck, complete absence of seat belts in the 50's.

    Trust me, this is a generational thing more than anything.

    We have young Brazilian friends who are parents and think we "NORTH AMERICANS" are crazy for giving our children "industrialized" foods, when they only give their babies carrot juice, apples and other foods carefully chosen after reading many publications on foods for babies.

    Ray Adkins

    Please let me make clear that besides the fact that I think this is not a South American thing...
    I think it was very disrespectful and she should have never given your child anything without your previous consent.


    I know that i am personally careful with what i offer to kids - even my own nieces and nephews. "You can have this IF it's ok with your mum and dad." But ot offer something blindly to a baby!? OMG that's ridiculous. And potentially dangerous - as you mentioned with potential allergies and whatnot.

    I probably would have freaked out on whomever did it. Good for you for handling it so well.


    I am sure that the person giving the cake to Candoca did it with good intention.

    That said, I had to deal with my Brazilian mother in law wanting to put sugar in EVERYTHING, including fruit juice...Drove me nuts! She also considered breast feeding as barbaric and for poor lower class people that cant afford formula...

    The diet of rice and beans is becoming obsolete with the onset of fast food...


    Just so you know, rice and beans is a great combination. It provides many essential amino acids and is very balanced. About pasta and fries, though, no complaints here. They're just junk food.

    Daily Rio Life

    Agreed - bring on the rice & beans!

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