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    November 29, 2009


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    1. This is true! But I first witnessed this with a friend in L.A., I used to call her "the bagel scalper" because she would only eat the outside crust of a bagel, it was hysterical what was left over. Poor bagel.

    2. True again, acai is very high in calories unfortunately, though beneficial nutritionally. People watching their weight opt for the much lighter mamao papaya instead.

    3. Minas is a very light cheese, especially the light minas, much lighter than even cottage cheese. I like it ok, it just spoils quite quickly. The smoked turkey & cheese breastfast is the most common breaskfast whether on a diet or not.

    Have a great trip!

    Mrs. C

    My Brazilian SIL takes out the inside of her bread rolls before she eats them! My husband was trying to tell me the soft part is bad for me too.

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