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    October 21, 2009


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    We had something similar happen here in Cairo. Half our flat had power and the other was dark. We also lose water to only the flats on our floor. I love my husband but living somewhere where things work wouldn't be remiss. LOL


    Imagine! Thankfully you had help. That happened to me once when we had an apartment in Gavea and it was on the 11th floor, but if you included the parking levels and the play level, it was actually the 14th and 15th floors... NOT something you ever want to walk up or down with a small child! And in the dark too...since it was due to a power outage. Memories. You just made me laugh, I forgot all about that. Another thing that we deal with once a year in our building is that either they clean the water lines, or drain the water reservoirs, in either case, we are without any running water for 1-2 days. Which means hotel. Sure, as an adult it is one thing to deal with, but with a child, no way. Funny things here...but minor and not all that often, luckily.


    This happens to us all the time. The power will go out only partially. We get weird stuff like outlets working in the kitchen, but no lights, lights in the dining room, but no outlets. Husband says this is normal, but can never give me a good reason wy this happens!


    I must say that it's strange news for me, as in nearly 3 decades of life in Rio I have never experienced that sort of partial outage. Either the entire house is out (and usually the surrounding neighbourhood), or not. But granted I have never lived in Leblon, mostly in the burbs with a brief stay in copacabana.

    Daniela Parsley

    Didn't know where to start the comment, but we're moving to Rio in January 2010, I'm so excited and scared at the same time, I'll be taking the time to read your blog because already read a couple of interesting things.... we're currently living in California US
    Thank you for posting so much info

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