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    October 01, 2009


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    Aaron Marinari

    Not sure why the obsession with public urination. Maybe it doesn't exist in Canada.

    Go to New York, San Francisco, New Orleans or many other major cities in the U.S. and you will see someone publicly urinating. Travel throughout Europe you will see it. Travel throughout Central America and you will see it.

    I have traveled and or lived in all of these places as well as Rio and it is no different.

    Daily Rio Life

    You know you might be onto something, maybe it's too cold in Canada. Yes, occasionally you DO see yellow snow, but... ok in all seriousness, I think the fact that someone ELSE had this as their FB status and several people from a variety of cities in the US and Europe were those weighing in demonstrates that I am not the only one who thinks there is an inordinate amount of public urination in Rio. This is even a topic that has been written about in the mainstream media.

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