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    September 22, 2009


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    Ray Adkins

    Sorry, but it does sound like Badga or Kabul with the car jackings and ready to scape from the back seat at any moment!
    Am I wrong?


    No, it's not really like that. I have been driving here in Zona Sul for 5 years now and, thankfully, have never had any incident, nor have seen any incident. Things are calm and fine. I do avoid driving at night, just because it is more complicated and if you want to drink...well, best to take a taxi. I think perhaps if you venture into the suburbs or areas unknown, OR known questionable areas, you do take a risk...but for me, just sticking nearby doing the things I need to do, using the car with my son has been just fine. I would say, living here without a car has more benefits because it is expensive to have a car and also it is a pain to park and sometimes traffic can really be a is usually easier to walk or go by taxi in general. I feel safer here than I did in Los Angeles (zona sul that is).

    Daily Rio Life

    There have been a number of events recently, which have me creeped out! I do know of people who have been carjacked and others on whom attempts have been made, and others still who have witnessed them happening. In my mind the risk is worth considering when we go anywhere by car.


    Best to go with what you know and follow your instincts. I can't believe you know so many people who had these experiences here. I only know one person who was carjacked here several years ago and it was in Santa Teresa at night, she wasn't hurt, they just took her car. The same thing happened to me in Los Angeles in a *safe* neighborhood. Unfortunately these things happen. I guess, just be aware and be careful.


    I curious about housing. I'm an American and any article I come across regarding locations for renting an apartment (vacation rental for only 3 or 6 months) they always suggest Ipanema or Copacabana. Yet I see they have restored the beautiful Hotel Santa Teresa and other guesthouse in Santa Teresa. Are there any other areas in the city that are worth looking into for a vacation rental? Are there any other areas with beautifully restored architecture such as Santa Teresa but maybe not so out of the way? Or are the more touristy areas the easiest and safest? Thanks to anyone with info!

    Daily Rio Life

    Stephanie - that is great that you have not encountered anything of the sort!

    Ty - Santa Teresa is really nice, just a bit more sketchy at night! Some of the architecture is cool in Flamengo/Botafogo as well.

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