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    September 16, 2009


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    Sorry I'm a bit late on this!

    Montevideo - haven't been and am going in early December, so if you go before then I'd love to hear you recommendations

    Lima - enjoyed the Museo de Oro (which also has a really cool military museum absolutely packed with stuff)

    Santiago - ok, here goes!
    - Obviously I have to promote La Bicicleta Verde ( because my fiance is a guide...they do city tours both on bike and walking that give a great introduction to Santiago and Chilean culture. I don't think they have baby seats for Canadoca, so walking might be more your style. In terms of safety, I wouldn't be worried about her in general here or on the tours anymore than in any major US city.
    - Main sites: Plaza de Armas, La Moneda (presidential palace), Museo Precolombino (if you like pre-colombian artefacts, it's a quality museum)...all of these are downtown and within easy walking distance. Cerro Santa Lucia is the site of the foundation of the city made into a nice spot with all kinds of winding paths to walk up. Cerro San Cristobal is the main hill, you can take a funicular up to the statue of the virgin and have nice city views if it's not too smoggy/cloudy (I wouldn't recommend stopping at the zoo, everyone says it's depressing, so I've never been).
    - Eating/drinking: this will depend where you're staying, but the Bellavista neighborhood has a nice (albeit touristy) open-air patio with a bunch of restaurants and bars as well as stalls selling traditional crafts.
    - If you have time, I'd recommend a day trip to a winery (Concha y Toro is the biggest, Undurraga and Santa Rita I've been to and liked, and there are many others) and another day trip or overnight to the coastal city of Valparaiso.

    Sorry for the ridiculously long comment, hope it helps - let me know if you have any specific questions. And happy travels!

    Daily Rio Life

    I was hoping you'd post! Thanks :)

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