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    September 18, 2009


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    Umm... That's because Brasil has A LOT of poor people and of course if you tip them (which most foreign countries aren't used too) they will do just about anything for you. For example every time I travel once the servers/flight attendant see my very well dressed self they always do everything for me, trust me every time I traveled even though you have to be 21 to drink in the US, they would serve me champagne in business class all the time regardless that I was 12 years old (which was when I first discovered what advantages I had because sometimes you don't notice the advantages money brings duh).



    I would have to politely disagree about babies being more welcome in Brasil because the waiters are poor and wanting a good tip.

    Last weekend, my husband and I ate a quick supper in the restaurant of the pousada we were staying at with our 5-month old daughter. It was FAR from fancy (the pousada, which was one block from the beach in Maceió, cost us R$80/night) and we weren't spending much on supper - our bill ended up being R$21, including the 10% 'service tax'. The waitress was also the cook and hostess, a real one-woman show! And then when she brought our food, she asked if we'd like for her to hold the baby while we ate. We let her and she cuddled and played with our daughter for 20 minutes! We thanked her profusely, but didn't pay her extra. The next day she asked if we would please come back again (although we declined and ate somewhere else that night.)

    Babies here just seem to be better accepted out and about than in North America, regardless of whether or not you're flaunting money.


    I have never been more well treated with my son than here in Brasil. People just seem to really like, be interested in and seriously care for young children, whether they are brasilian or from somewhere else. Not to mention I am always with my brasiian family here, I am the only estrangeiro. We never tip, the service is almost always included has nothing to do with being a foreigner, people just seem to love kids, whether on the street, or in a bar or restaurant, it is always the same, very warm and welcoming. I treasure it.


    wow. that sounds great. I'm still worried though, i hope you saw the video. by the way i dont have a blog but please e-mail me at I'm dying to know what life is really like in Rio. I don't remember where my boyfriends family lives in Rio but I am soo afraid that some one might kidnap me or something. . . All of his friends keep sugar coating all of the crimes saying Brazil is great and blah blah blah but honestly. I want to know the truth because if something really does happen then all that worthless sugar coating has made me trust in those people who have sent me to a death sentence.

    Besides we're only moving to Brazil for like 4 years since I might get transferred there for my career.

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