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    August 08, 2009


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    I've seen worse at American malls.

    Daily Rio Life

    Yeah that is probably true. All that has probably changed is that now I am a MOM so I notice!


    This is very odd.

    I'm Brazilian and I'm not glad of this kid.

    I found this blog today and is nice to see a different point of view of Brazil.

    great blog dude, keep it!

    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks Lucas!


    All little girls want to experiment and wear "teenage" clothes. I always wanted to wear make-up when I was a kid but my mom didn't allow me to wear any until I turned 16. It's better that way because applying make-up everyday causes wrinkles. Despite all that it's much to difficult to control kids these days thanks to Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens.

    Trust me this doesn't upset me as much as a TV showing airing on a Woman's Channel called "Lifetime" they have a show about a 16 or so year old girl who's pregnant and all her hardships and the drama and lives of her friends. Apparently the creator of this show must've known that obviously he/she will be prompting teen pregnancy rather than scare teens.

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