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    August 20, 2009


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    great pictures!

    but i love th last one... :) they look so yummilicious!

    thanks for sharing!


    Daily Rio Life

    Confeitera Colombo is a MUST!

    Miss Footloose

    I'd love to be on a tour with you! I enjoy walking around towns and cities that are new to me, check out the shops and markets and watch the people in the streets to try to get a feel for the place.(Did you walk, drive?) Architecture is interesting too.

    I was in Rio once, years ago for only a few days, but my movements were severely restricted by a hyperactive little boy whose hand I could not let go or he'd run straight into the traffic ;)

    So, what did I see? The town through taxi windows and the beach.

    The latest post on my blog is about playing tourist in the small Dutch town where I was born. Never took a camera there, until now.

    I must come back to Rio again! Not impossible in my wandering life

    Miss Footloose

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