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    August 07, 2009


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    I know we haven't met, but I'm an American living in Toronto and have access to most of the things on your list. Since there is a huge Brazilian population here (my daughter who's due to make her appearence any day will have Brazilian/American/Canadian citizenship), it is easy and cheap to send things down to Brazil. Let me know.


    The dearth of creative/decent salads has been one of my biggest complaints since moving to Brazil. There's a Thai place near my place in the Flamengo/Botafogo area that makes great salads, but it's only open during lunch. Have you tried DelĂ­rio Tropical? It's not great, but it's the most consistent.


    bras...yes, that is a key one for me too. I ended up getting all maternity/nursing bras and after Stateside. I miss soups and salad options for lunch. Comida a kilo is SO boring after a while. Do you have Mariana (I have mostly seen it in food courts)? Their selection of sandwiches and salads is pretty interesting.

    Tricia Chaves

    Bra shopping in Rio was a nightmare, so unexpected too!

    Daily Rio Life

    Elisabeth - that is soooo sweet of you!

    writingupinrio - I was actually at Delirio Tropical twice this week (not a normal week for me but that's just where I was!) I sort of rediscovered it. They had a really great salad with manioc in it... good couscous too!

    Corinne - Mariana - I don't know? Will keep an eye out!

    Corinne & Tricia - don't even get me started on the bras.... ;)

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