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    July 08, 2009


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    WOW, 20 hours. Good thing you had a doctor who let it go all the way. The tendency is that after 8 hours it is "Taking too long" and they go for the c-section. In my case my husband was sent up to the room and only summoned when I was actually fully dilated, given the epidural and practically crowning. Again, I think the doctors think husbands get in the way. My experience was only 6 hours, from water breaking to delivery, but a lot of the same things. The doctor with me the whole time, someone pushing on my belly. Who in the world convinced Brazil obs that this aids the baby coming out? It took longer than an hour to get to see my son after delivery, more like 3 hours. I also felt manhandled by the hospital nurses and they did not really explain anything. I have health insurance that sends a pediatric nurse to your house within 3 days that you come home and she was a really big help. She checked how I was breastfeeding, watched me give my son a bath, and gave him a full check-up. She was really experienced and it was a great time for me to ask questions. She also recommended a pediatric othropedist since my son was born with dytoxia of the shoulder. None of this was recommended or discussed by the house pediatrician at the hospital and this was before we had the first visit with our own pediatrician. It was a really great service, although I have heard it is really hit or miss, depending on which nurse they send to see you.

    Daily Rio Life

    Wow Mr. DRL was with me the whole time for sure.
    3 hours is TOO LONG to wait to see your baby, that must have been tough...
    The pediatric nurse sounds amazing. Luckily I have a fantastic pediatrician here in Leblon and he has been most helpful. Poor Canadoca got her 2 month immunizations today...


    My boy was born at Perinatal and the service was top notch!
    If you havent noticed yet(but you will)Brazilian women are not big on the breast feeding thing. They always say "I had no milk". Well with the nurses pushing bottles on you the first day, one forgets that the first milk(colostrum)is very minimal until the milk 'descends'. My ob-gyn recommended drinking Malzbier(super dark beer)and that would help...and it did. I also believe that it is a remnant of the colonial times when the bourgioisie would have wet nurses to breast feed their children. And not to forget that they are also afraid of their breasts sagging..
    SOS La Leche League!!


    Thanks so much for sharing your story. My hubby and I will be going to Brazil later this year and probably giving birth there too so it helps to hear how it all works there.

    I'm curious - are there no midwives there? Have you heard much about home birthing or birth centers there?

    Daily Rio Life

    Interesting about the BEER Lisa! haha. Yes I have noticed the copious amounts of bottles here. And I suspect they are probably not the "safe" plastic either...

    Judy - you're welcome. I haven't heard of anyone using a midwife here, everyone I know who has had a baby has pretty much had one using my same doctor. If I hear of someone I will let you know.

    Kimberly Johnson

    I just found your blog- and am an ex-pat living in Rio also. I had a baby in Rio and enjoyed hearing your experiences of Perinatal. I had a homebirth with midwife, Heloisa Lessa. She is awesome and so is the community of women. There are several other great midwives as well.

    I am a doula- a birth support, a yoga teacher and bodyworker and I plan to serve expat women in Rio. I live in Flamengo. Please spread the word, since as you know, birth can be cultural and it is always good to have an advocate, since some of the things that you are promised are not followed through in the ways we would expect.
    or e-mail me at


    Hi! My husband and I may be relocating to Rio in the spring. We have 1 child already and plan to continue growing our family while we are in Rio. I had gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy. My last 6 weeks of pregnancy I had to be hooked up to a machine once a week to monitor the baby's heart beat. I'm wondering if they provide the same kind of care in Rio. Did you or anyone you know have gestational diabetes when pregnant? Thank you for sharing your experience!

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