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    July 04, 2009


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    Barra also has an American school (technically its an international Christian based school, but really is American). Same thing with it as far as the one time charge up front that is the killer. The other fees are about half of the American school in Rio.
    We are looking at both right now for our nine year old. But I am self employed so looks like Barra may win out simply for economics!!


    these prices are absurd! wouldn't it be cheaper to send the kids to a Brazilian private school and then hire an English teacher for a couple of hours each week? what are the prices for Brazilian private schools?


    There are many private Brasilian schools and they also aren't cheap, but nowhere near as expensive as EARJ! We have been looking at a private Brasilian (Catholic)one here for K-5 and it is half of the price of EARJ. It is also ranked in the top 10 of private schools here in Brasil.

    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks for the info Stephanie! Agreed with all - it's not cheap for quality education in Rio. And to be honest, quite a few of the parents I speak with aren't even pleased with the quality of education their kids receive at these schools. Looking at the prices, I understand their frustration.


    The entry fee for the British school that you mentioned applies to the 'individuals' (read: mostly Brazilians). In case of kids whose eductation is sponsored by the company (case of almost all expats) the fee is almost double. What makes me really angry is that in case of the expats their kids would spend max 2-3 years at this school... what makes 3,000 - 5,000 USD per year in addition to a monthly fee.

    Daily Rio Life


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    I would like to apply for a job as a teacher or administrator at an English Speaking School in Rio. How would you suggest that I proceed.

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