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    July 22, 2009


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    Ha!! I totally got the same comments with Kevin and he was born in November when it was much warmer. I remember going to his 5 day appointment at the hospital and he was the only one not wearing a hat and bundled in a heavy blanket!


    Hey, it's 'ela nao esta com frio'.

    Anika Gonzalez

    I had to deal with the same looks/comments and my son was born in July (2 years ago). The grandma (my MIL) was the worst. She covered him head to toe w/ blanket and he would literally be sweating he was so hot.

    Daily Rio Life

    Yeah it is good to know that they are not just singling me out but still that doesn't make it okay!

    Thanks for the Portuguese correction Sarah - I changed the title! I wondered about that before posting it - you'd think after hearing it so many times, I'd get it right! (Sometimes people say "it's too cold for her" rather than "she's cold" though...)

    I asked Mr. DRL to ask his coworkers today if there is a similar Portuguese expression to "mind your own business" - my new response to these "do gooders" if they get too many pointy fingers in my face... anyone know of a good one?


    You could say 'Da minha filha cuido eu' or literally mind your own business would be 'Fica na sua, ta!'. (Fique is the more correct form of the verb but I think it's more natural to say 'fica'.


    I'm not a mom, but I see this all the time in Chile too - super bundled babies no matter what the weather. And I think here people are more likely to give you their opinion on how to raise you child than what I've noticed in the US. I can imagine it gets frustrating!


    DRL, you could also say, "não é da sua conta", but be sure to add an "obrigada", before all of these (this one and the ones suggested by sarah) or it will come off as b**chy (unless that is what you are going for :) ).

    I find that people give you their opinion more, but in the US they will not just make a comment, but call Child Protective Services. I remember going to a Mexican restaurant with my brother and son when he was 7 months and I was still breastfeeding. I wanted to share some of my brother´s margarita, and my brother said I needed to "drink it on the sly", or else eveyone at the restauarant would wig out. I have heard some real horror stories about people butting in in the US. Here in Brazil I only get the comments about the cold, and a couple times someone told me my son should not be holding a particular item (a loaf of bread at the grocery store because of the plastic bag wrapping).


    I really believe this same thing happens to every mother here, at some point I just grew a thicker skin and realized people weren't attacking me or calling me a bad mother...they are just into children and do not hold back when it comes to feedback and comments, positive or critical. It is hard not to be defensive but really, it is normal for strangers (and people you know) to give you parenting advice here...whether you want it or not. Just take a deep breath and hang in there!


    Ha! I love this. My Brazilian mother-in-law would bundle up my daughter so tightly (in Texas in August and September) that she would be sweating, the entire time we were at her house. I figured it was a Brazilian thing, now I know for sure!


    Rule of thumb...add one more layer to the baby than what you would wear.
    My ex MIL was the worst. They think that 20 C is cold and the child will get 'gripada'..Remember that Canadoca is Canadian too and will play in -5 with a snowsuit one we all did at one point and SURVIVED!!!!
    As for the 'busy bodies' I would always say "Ele e canadense e esta habituado com muito mais frio" (He is Canadian and is used to much colder)Shuts them right up

    Daily Rio Life

    I think that I would be far less irritated by it if the advice was actually valid or made any sense. A woman told me the other day that because Canadoca's little top had ridden up a little bit, exposing about half an inch of belly that she could get COLIC from this.

    Are you effing kidding me?

    Another guy told me at the grocery store that it was too cold for her to be in the refrigerated section. Would he rather have me leaver her in a cart halfway across the grocery store to get a few items? This makes no sense. Kids need to be exposed to things, like, you know, temperature fluctuations...

    I suppose maybe I would not get as much flack if I put her in a SNOWSUIT with a TARP over her stroller (as I saw another kid on Tuesday, when it was 22 degrees and the sun was beating down... does heatstroke not exist here?)

    Venting, I know, but it is really frustrating to get so much advice that I don't even think is VALID or RIGHT or OKAY. If I was legitimately doing something wrong and people pointed it out to me I would be grateful but this is honestly just STUPID.

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