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    July 18, 2009


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    Be persistent...she is Brasileira, don't forget that, she has more rights than you do. The PF should be of help, not hinder you when it comes to your child (who is Brasilian by birth). If you get the paperwork in order, I am sure it will all go just fine, especially if you have a ticket or reservation to fly...things are getting better here. My last experience with the PF about my son's latest passport was great. Amazing actually. OMG, such an improvement from 6 years ago.

    Daily Rio Life

    We have been... the hospital has submitted everything they need to, now we are waiting on the Cartorio so that we can apply for the passport. Augh! Takes 5 days to process and we want to leave a week from today, the wedding is next Saturday. Fingers crossed!

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