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    June 14, 2009


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    We have no choice here but to stock up. If you see it: buy it! Otherwise it won't be there next time you want it.


    On the pumpkin seeds.. I'm sure I have a recipe if you'd like. But part of it sometimes is not wanting to make it yourself so you buy it XD


    I remember buying diapers every 3 days or so and would always try to keep at least one "emergency" package. Space is so limited, no way to stockpile. I used to buy the Turma da Monica Soft Touch or Huggies and both brands would suddenly be out of stock from time-to-time, sometimes for several weeks at a time. I find the same problem with Tampax here. The horror! = )


    I always try to buy the jumbo packages, but living in a house I have a little more space. But the main reason to stock up on non-perishibles, is that you can never guarantee that the store that sold a certain brand you have come to like will re-stock it when they run out. I have gone to major supermarkets (Carrefour and Extra) and they have been out of refined sugar or most brands of milk at times.


    I used to live here part-time, so I would bring a suitcase full of Huggies diaper and wipies jumbo packs each visit. Believe it or not, I still have some wipies left in one of those re-sealable jumbo bags - and they're fine. Here's the punch line: my youngest just turned 9! All this humidity is good for things like that.

    Over time, I have developed a "worth bringing back from the US list," which has what I consider the best-bang-for-the-price-and-effort essentials:
    garbage bags
    ziplock bags
    dishwasher detergent (tablets)
    multi-pack band-aids

    Daily Rio Life

    I never in a million years would have thought that packing mass quantities of baby wipes to take to a foreign country would be a good idea (so heavy!!).... then I moved to Brazil. I brought a bunch down before I had Canadoca. I use them VERY sparingly!! The Brazilian ones are very heavily scented, even the ones marked "natural" - they also seem to fall apart very easily.

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