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    June 25, 2009


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    I ended up gaining around 20 kilos. In the beginning, my doctor would make a comment if I gained too much in one month, but since I had so much swelling in my last month, she did not harp on me. My biggest shocker was not the ob/gyn but the pediatrician I took Kevin to when he was 5 days old. The regular pediatriacian at the 5-day post birth check-up wanted someone else to look at my son´s scrotum, which was a little discolored. So, we ended up at another hospital for a consult. Fortunately, nothing was wrong, but second the pediatrician who looked at my son read me the riot-act because my son (4.145kg) had been a vaginal birth. She told me enfatically that NO CHILD over 3.5kgs should be born vaginally. Um, lady, do you SEE my hips!! It really blew me away that a doctor could be so ignorant.


    Sounds like you really endured a lot with the weight issue here. And honestly, your photos show you looked just great right until the end. I don't think there should be SUCH a stress about the weight gain as long as it isn't extreme and there aren't other health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure involved. I have read many times in the gossip mags about Brasilian celebrities gaining only 8kgs!?

    I didn't have a bad experience with my OB/GYN. She was great throughout my pregnancy and never said anything except for "bom" about my weight gain, which ended up being 13.8kgs. Brasililan relatives and friends were also very complimentary and kind (and normally don't hold back if they have something critical to say). I did hear a couple of times from Brasilian female friends that pregnancy cravings were a "myth" and just and excuse to eat...but I FIRMLY disagree. My cravings were very specific and intense. Thankfully they were for things I couldn't get here!

    Whether you gain 20lbs or 50lbs, in the end what matters is your health and your baby's health. I think it is wrong for Dr.s to stress weight gain so much when they should be more concerned with the overall health of the mother. Especially in your case, you are a young, very active and health conscious person!


    About the pregnancy are so right! For me, the first at-home test I did was in Rio when I was about a week late and it came back negative. A week later we were in Teresina and I did three more at-home tests. One was negative, one was inconclusive and the other was nothing for about 20 minutes so I threw it away, and then checked the trash a while later to find a positive. I was going insane! The following week we were in Fortaleza and went to a clinic for a blood test. We passed the hour waiting for the result having sushi (the last sushi for 9 months it turned out). Forget the at-home tests! Complete waste of time, money and sanity.

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