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    June 10, 2009


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    What a lovely tribute to him. :)


    Cool! My friend and I gave him some Afghanistan-themed tiles about 4 years ago which he told us he had none of at the time. I've been curious ever since if he was able to use them...


    Amazing! I hope you can see it in person-- how much longer will you be in Rio?!

    Daily Rio Life

    Typ0 - Thanks :)

    Steve - Do you have a photo? If so, send it to my email address and I could look for the tiles for you next time I'm there and take a photo for you if I find them.

    Mei - Me too! Although now that we've had a child here I know we will have to bring her back to show her where she's from. We figure we will be here another year, maybe until the end of 2010? It changes every day though!

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