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    May 04, 2009


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    Calgary is OK, but I would not move back there either. The thing I notice when I go back there now is how dated the people look, bland clothes, bland hairstyles, bland food (including the famous ginger beef that people tell you was invented in Calgary.. whoop de doo...).

    I have always wanted to move back to Vancouver, but I want it to be like it was 20 years ago.... before the traffic got permanantly gridlocked... and that's not likely to happen either.

    The area around Portland, Oregon seemed very nice the couple of times I was there, but right now I want to have nothing to do with the US. I won't even fly through there if I can avoid it. The tide may be turning, but it's still way too redneck for me. Seattle is also nice, but every time I am there it rains non-stop.

    The interior of BC, around Kelowna is pretty close to paradise, but I don't know if it fits in with your careers.

    I think after living in Rio, you will find any other place to be anti-climatic.

    Luiz Felipe

    I've never been to Canada, but I'd pick most of Europe over the US any day. And not only for the food. I love the history, the culture, the people, and especially the fact that you're never more than an hours' flight from a completely different place, with a different culture and language (and food!).


    What I find most exciting about living as an expatriate is deciding where to go next. I am from the Pacific Northwest and love it there, but am not ready to move back yet; there is still so much of the world to see. Brazil is my third country outside of the US to live and even though we are happy here, I am always wondering where we will go next.

    It's great to have choices!

    Daily Rio Life

    dd4y - believe it or not we do miss Ginger Beef!! Agreed the traffic is bad in Vancouver - I think it's the bridges that make it so impossible. It's so beautiful though and I think it would be a much easier transition after living in Rio. My parents actually live in the interior of BC so we spend a lot of time there. But your point is dead-on - I am not sure there's quite enough action there to keep Mr. DRL happy career-wise.

    Luiz - agreed that part is tempting!

    Kathy - Agreed!


    If you are decide on Europe, I would suggest Lisbon:it is the warmest and sunniest european capital, you could continue improving your Portuguese and the city is gorgeous: beautiful, close to beaches, full of arquitecture and charm and it's got all the cultural and commercial attractions you would expect from a fair sized metropolis.


    San Francisco is the best place for your kids to grow up, and it is an amazing city!

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