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    May 10, 2009


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    Very nice wardrobe!! If I had to guess, I would say you are going to have a baby girl!! Much luck and happiness with the new little one that will behere soon!!!


    You're quite the pregnant fashionista! I love the little grey dress. And the "Does this baby make me look fat" shirt! :)

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    Hehehe... still sexy looking even they are pregnant!

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    You look amazing, even pregnant you have a great body.

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    All ur dress r so cute...nd comforable

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    Much luck and happiness with the new little one that will behere soon!!!

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    Very cool stuff.

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    My sister-in-law sent these shirts (I'm wearing mine as I write this, just took the photo a minute ago) from Old Navy down to us

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    Cool outfits.. I love that casual dress you are wearing on the shore..

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    All of you have such beautiful dresses!! So all of you looking very beautiful…
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    Really all the dresses are adorable. I am also quite sure to feel amazing in this gauzy gown. It is easy to wear, whatever our body shape. Thanks for the post.

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    Those are great apparel for those who are in the big-belly-stage of pregnancy. I wonder if I can find those in the local stores, too. I hope that when I decide to go shopping, I'll see a lot of fashionable stuff like these. Well, that and maybe a bra, just for kicks. Haha!


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