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    May 05, 2009


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    In a way I think the boss's wife *does* run the company.
    I giggled about the weight loss comments...way off board, here.


    Ridiculous and highly offensive, I would have been horrified! Don't let this negative stuff bother you, just take care of yourself and your little one. Being healthy is what matters.

    Daily Rio Life

    Yeah it's pretty unbelievable. Not sure in what universe she would think that those sorts of comments would be a smart move, career-wise?


    Well, you're about to embark on the best weight loss plan EVER - childbirth. Who else can safely lose 20 pounds in two weeks?!? And while eating ice cream on a regular basis, none-the-less! (Hey, I NEED the calcium while lactating . . . hehe)

    Enjoy these last quiet days. ;)


    Isso foi grosseiro, horrível e inaceitável. Não, isso não tem nada a ver com características culturais de lugar nenhum: se chama falta de educação, e afeta vários lugares do mundo.
    Não ligue pra ela.

    Tricia Chaves

    Sorry to have read about this. I went to Rio so self-conscious about my size and found everyone to be incredibly complimentary (and that my fears were completely unfounded). I think you just ran into a mean girl (apparently they're all over the world). I was looking at your maternity wear when you were wearing the anchors tee and stretch pants at 7+ months. Most women who aren't pregnant would be happy to have your body!

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