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    April 11, 2009


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    It's so nice to know that others worry about your welfare :) They say it's hard to find good people in the world anymore, I think that's totally untrue! There are people who are willing to befriend us wherever and be there when they need be! Glad to know you have others that are keeping you in line!! :) When are you due again?

    Ray Adkins

    It would be fun to keep these emails for your son/daughter to read it in the future...well, reading the blog will be a lot of fun too...

    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks Stephanie - and it's true there are good people everywhere, you just have to look in the right places. I am due in early May.

    Ray - I definitely do have a "baby" folder on my computer for all of these little treats...

    rate my girlfriend

    you sound like a great person. not everybody would do this.

    Daily Rio Life

    Aww thanks!

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