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    April 17, 2009


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    For another perspective:

    When we transferred to Brasil from the US, my husband became a full-fledged "Brasil employee" with the global company. As such, he has all the benefits (retirement acct, medical coverage, vacation schedule, etc.) of his colleagues here - along with maintaining our benefit schedule back in the US.

    We are covered by Unimed health insurance. Any co-pays, etc. we incur are deducted directly from his paycheck each month. So far (through 40+ weeks of pregnancy) our total out of pocket cost has been R$46! And the only cost we foresee for the birth is R$1000 for our doula. It's been glorious and we too have been using the "pristine" health care options - although everyone we use has accepted our insurance. Oh, and I should add that nothing is deducted from his pay for this fabulous health care coverage (like it is in the US.)

    It's so interesting to see what things would be costing us otherwise - because I've never seen a bill with total charges, what insurance paid, etc., I had no idea!

    Daily Rio Life

    That sounds more like what we are used to back home in Canada, not ever knowing what basic things like bloodwork cost. So it is interesting for sure. Some of the things are shocking to me, as I noted in the post. That is sure handy that everyone up in BH that you've been using takes your insurance directly!

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