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    April 20, 2009


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    Ray Adkins

    Yes, you are correct, there are laws in place for pregnant women, parents with infants or holding todlers, anyone over 65 and handicap people...
    Preferred parking, Bank and post office lines, supermarket lines etc...
    Restaurants do it mostly out of courtesy, but hey, who is complaining?

    Daily Rio Life

    Not I! Although I will mention that a lot of people seem to take advantage of these lines who don't really fit the bill, so to speak. Although I am sure they just "look young for their age"...

    Luiz Felipe

    Did you try the "sitting at the bar" experience with LuĂ­s?


    I was going to comment about the laws, but somebody already did it.

    I just wanted to add that many times Brazilians aren't nice only because of the laws, but rather because of their culture; it's just part of being brazilian.

    If you compare life in Brazil and life in the USA you will notice things like:

    1) If you are in a bus in Brazil, all the seats are taken and you are standing and holding a purse, schoolbag or something else, it's very likely that someone that is sitting will offer to hold your stuff for you.

    2) If you buy something at a store in Brazil and you let the cashier know that your item is going to be a gift, most stores will wrap the item as a gift for you at NO EXTRA CHARGE (yes, they will GIVE you the wrapping paper!).

    Brazilian culture is very based on helping and serving, as opposed to American culture, which is more based on independence and keeping things private.

    I don't mean to ofend anybody. These are just a couple of things that I noticed after experiencing both cultures.


    When i was pregnant with my second child in Brazil, it was like the waters parting. People went our of their way to help me. But that said, here back in Canada, I find that the men are very chivalrous and won't let any woman lift anything, pregnant or not.
    I have yet to see a teenager give up his seat for an elderly person here, but my kids would(if not, they would get the'eye' from their mother)

    Daily Rio Life

    Luiz - no not yet! I plan to, though! At this stage of pregnancy, sitting at the bar is not the most comfortable :)

    Nika - Thanks for your comment. Just so you know, in no way did I feel that the gesture the teenager made because of the law, I felt it was just to be nice/his values, as you are saying.

    Canarioca - I'm glad you had that experience in Canada, not all of my prego friends have!

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