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    April 01, 2009


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    When I was living in California we had to take my mother for an immediate blood transfusion and had a wait of several hours even with insurance. It was also expensive.. with insurance. A few hundred dollars.. without it would've been a few thousand for sure.
    This is why Americans complain.. we have long waits (though I guess sometimes it depends on how populated the area is) AND very high prices : /
    Though no, I do not think Canada is the best example of universal healthcare. But at least they have it..

    Daily Rio Life

    That is too bad, I hope it all worked out ok.

    Just FYI we still do pay for health insurance in Canada as well, basic, and then for extended benefits you need insurance still.


    OMG, I can't believe your mom was almost charged by a moose!! I had a similar incident x-country skiing by myself (near my farm) when I was chased by two coyotes - it was scary - but funny now! :)


    Your comments about how "this would not happen here" with respect to emergency treatment in Brazil are coloured by the fact that you live in the elite group that has high value medical insurance. I am glad you were able to get pristeen care for your injuries, especially with the baby. However, the reality for most Brazilians is quite different. I spent some time in Sao Paulo in January volunteering with a doctor who spends his days working at a public clinic and his evenings dealing with people on the lower end of the spectrum who completely fall through the cracks. He is totally run off his feet tending to people who don't have the insurence to go to the private hospitals and clinics.

    I was lucky to have my travel medical insurance when I needed it and got pristeen care.

    Daily Rio Life

    Des - I know, can you picture this? haha (Des knows my mom).

    dd4y - Your point is completely valid. I should have said that this would not happen to US here.

    One further point on healthcare I'd like to make: here in Brazil we (well, the employer) pays for our medical insurance. It is approximately the same amount of money that our employer paid back home for what they call extended medical insurance, and yes it is pretty much necessary to have this in Canada, it is not all just included, as some people believe. Yet here, for the same amount of money, we have had far superior care. So, basically what I am saying is that the insurance buys a lot more for your buck here than back home.


    I would like your mother.

    check out this blog
    probably make you homesick but is a nice read.

    Daily Rio Life

    Ginger- You're probably right, as most people do!

    I checked out the blog, thanks!

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