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    April 29, 2009


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    Baby should also let you know. If they're crying for no reason (they're fed, clean, etc.) you can guess that something's up! I used to have to sit with my youngest in the basement where it was cool in the summer, just to get him to calm down!


    Where in Rio did you buy a dehumidifier? I'm sure they are widely available given the humidity but I must just be looking in the wrong shops.

    Ray Adkins

    I think the locals could give you good advice regarding how to deal with the heat and a newborn...
    They might have great tips once they are used to no A/C or no thermostat to help.


    Thankfully the seasons are changing and there won't be as much of a need. But, you could upgrade the AC unit in the nursery. Units with temperature settings and remote controls are available in Rio! That way you can adjust it without disturbing a light sleeper.

    Boa Sorte

    Daily Rio Life

    It never ceases to amaze me which topics get the most comments!


    Kathy - dehumidifiers are not as easy to find as you would think! I bought mine at this allergy store in Leblon that is located near Sendas. It's on Humberto de Campos between Jose Linhares and Joao Lira.

    Ray - that is a good idea, thanks!

    Sarah - so true! I am glad that the baby will be a few months old before it gets scorching hot here. The AC in my nursery is new, with a remote, but no temp gauge...


    If the people in Rio are anything like folks here in Belo Horizonte, everyone will be constantly telling you your baby is cold - no matter what the temperature is. Gabriela isn't even two weeks old yet and I've already lost count how many times I've been told she needs to be wrapped in a blanket or needs heavier clothes on or that she looks cold . . . I know she's a newborn and she's my first child, but if her hair is wet from sweat I don't think she's cold! (The rule I've read is to put baby is one more layer than you are comfortable in.)

    Daily Rio Life

    Oh yes the advice from strangers starts soon...

    Isreal Ayele

    Now that's one cool gadget right there. It would be great for the house. It's good to have something useful that contributes to the aesthetic aspect, too.

    Selene McGraw

    That Growbag egg looks awesome! Anyway, if you're having trouble with the temperature control, you really have to look for a good temperature regulation system for your home.

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