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    April 26, 2009


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    Check out the HBO TV series "Flight of the Conchords" - it's my favourite show and I think it is very funny!! :)


    I was lamenting that I hadn't had a good laugh in a while when someone showed up with "Death at a Funeral" at our monthly movie (wine) night. Even the Brazilians were laughing despite the bad subtitles. Leave it to the British to make a totally funny comedy out of a funeral setting.
    here's a trailer:

    My husband wouldn't say my sense of humor has changed because he claims I never had one. And me? Well, I tend to laugh a lot more at a lot of absurdities and disconnects you experience living in Brazil. Like street signs -- especially in Rio!


    Can you or someone else out there elaborate on what it is about Brazil culture that makes you unable to laugh at idiotic movies (which I also don't enjoy)?

    I grew up in Brazil, but just attributed the difference between my American husband and me to some things being "guy humor" versus what a more cultured person might enjoy.


    Watch the new Jim Carrey movie "YES Man", i think it's hillarious... and i am usually not impressed with "funny" movies!


    No, I think that it's the movie, not you! It seems to be more of a growing up, and out of bad pot head humor, and that's a good thing! And if you want some truly outrageous comedy, check out "It's Always Sunny if Philadelphia", an old tv series. Brilliant. Very disturbing, but brilliant!

    Daily Rio Life

    Des - thanks for the suggestion. I watched the first episode last night and am going to download another.

    Robyn - I liked that movie, I remember laughing quite a bit...

    Janet - I'm not sure that it has anything to do with Brazil per se, but maybe rather my new disconnection from North America?

    G - I was looking at that but my husband won't watch it with me. Oh well he gets home from work so late I should just watch it on my own!

    Erin - I just can't believe what a big "hit" it was... who are all these people? Thanks for the suggestion on the show, I am pretty sure it is on iTunes... if nothing else, watching Jill on the bachelorette next month should be good for some laughs and entertainment, she is so cute and funny.

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