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    April 09, 2009


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    I'm really wishing I had some Starburst jelly beans right now. I bought a bag at Christmas to bring back with us, but um, somehow they never made it to Brasil.

    Although Cadbury mini-eggs would fill my Easter candy void right now pretty well too.

    Oh geez, let's be honest, ANY candy that I can't presently get my hands on would excite me right now. (Why do I always want what I can't get?)


    You NEED to get your hands on the dark chocolate version of the mini eggs. I have been trying to restrain myself from eating the whole bag in one sitting.

    Daily Rio Life

    Emily I did not know that starburst jellybeans existed. I now want something I've never even had.

    Melanie there is only one way I can think of for that to happen and it involves you bringing me some in July when you come to visit. haha.


    You think they will last sitting in my cupboard until July?

    Daily Rio Life

    Is this a matter of expiry date or willpower that we are talking about here?


    Cadbury mini eggs are possibly the most wonderful candy! I wait ALL year for them to come out...and eat WAYYYY to many of them when they do! I saw a HUGE bag in sam's club...and thought about it for only a second before I disgusted myself. But I am thinking of buying it and packing it on the plane to keep haha!

    Daily Rio Life

    I just ate the last ones... but I am impressed that they lasted almost a whole week!

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