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    April 11, 2009


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    UGH! I hate finding something that is perfect and not being able to have it. :(

    You are so good for minding thumper's rules! haha

    Feliz Pascoa! Hope you have a good Easter!


    This is how I feel about the people in Zona Sul who leave their carts in the checkout line and then LEAVE to go and buy more things...hence there are long lines of CARTS....and then yesterday a nice old lady behind me in line asked me to watch her cart for her...*SIGH*


    UGH, Barra Shopping on a Sunday, enough said. I feel for you.


    Oh baby doll, put your feet up and have an ice cold Frascoti white. one glass will not hurt the baby as much as you irratation at the world called 'shopping in Brasil'
    Come to Friburgo and use our guest house to sit in silence with your feet up - unfortunately you have to drive with some rude and crazy drivers to get here and the house is being occupied the 17/18 - but the offer stands.

    Daily Rio Life

    Unfortunately this seems to be a topic everyone can relate to! I'm not saying that running errands is ever really all that fun but this was kind of exceptionally bad.

    GingerV what an offer! Thank you!

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