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    March 25, 2009


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    My boyfriend was just telling me about this on the phone tonight but I hadn't seen anything in the news about it. He lives in Copa and was saying that there was some sort of standoff between the police and the gang in front of the Sequiro Campos Metro Station (which I used every day when I was doing my mini-internship in Rio. He wasn't sure if any of the wounded were innocent bystanders or members of the gang? I hate hearing bad news from there, but thanks for keeping us posted.


    My husband jut got back from Rio (and Rocinha). Things were tense and from news accounts all the casualties were gang members. No word yet whether the police will invade Rocinha - the community is bracing themselves for that´possibility. I read that the guy in charge of the invasion was a former member of the community in Ladeira das Tabajaras and was expelled. Invading with Rocinha was a revenge of sorts. There is a lot of fighting among the rival gangs (in this case it was ADA - Rocinha and CV - Ladeira) and this is similar to the failed attempt of invading Vidigal that Rocinha tried a few years back.

    Unfortunately, neither the police or traffickers have any concern for bystanders in these conflicts. Police usually invade the favelas between 6-8am when all the kids are going to school and people are trying to get to work.

    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks so much for the added insight and commentary.

    From what I've heard as well, so far it's just the "bandits" who have been killed (thank goodness). But I think they are still looking for some of them, around the lagoa/treed area. The zona sul is in the middle of all this so it's pretty scary! I thought of advising my husband to change his route coming home last night but it turns out both of the options he has were scenes of shootings the previous night!

    I have heard that schools are closed in Rocinha and Botafogo (near the favela Ladeira that Corinne was referring to).

    I hope everyone keeps safe!


    I read about this in the paper last night, scary!

    Daily Rio Life

    Very scary! Stuff is still going on today (one friend's fb status talked about seeing a helicopter taking a big amount of cocaine out of Rocinha...)

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