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    March 22, 2009


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    Luiz Felipe

    Hey, mrs. DRL,

    I'm all for well-rested pilots as well, as I'm sure all passengers and airlines are too. I just don't think it's the government's job to regulate exactly how rested the pilots need to be. And there's also no guarantee that pilots won't spend their extra downtime partying and come back to the plane in an even worse state. And as much as I like flight safety, I like cheap rates as well, so a balance must be struck. I'd rather trust the people that have the incentive to make a profit to strike that balance than a paper-pushing bureaucrat.

    Must be that socialist Canadian in you hidden there somewhere aching for some more government intervention ;).

    Oh, and thanks for the link below, btw!

    Ray Adkins

    Dear Mr.Luiz Felipe,

    I am a blue in the face American Capitalist and I am all for government regulating how rested the pilots are...
    I am sure competition will take care of the airlines who use this as an excuse to increase the cost of airfare.
    Safety, however, is sacred when talking about aviation.



    Daily Rio Life

    Luiz - you make a good point about it being tough to enforce how much actual rest is taken by the pilots. It's pretty much impossible. For the record, I would also be all for regulations when it comes to drug and alcohol testing for pilots. Sometimes regulations are not a bad thing.

    Very funny about the socialist Canadian! haha

    In my "past life" (you know, before I was an expat princess?) one of my clients was in the airline logistics business and I learned a lot about how things work (and don't work) in that industry... it's certainly not as regulated as one would think and there are many precautions I assumed were taken which are regularly not. Terrifying stuff, to be exact...

    So I have to agree with Ray - for me it has nothing to do with government standards or capitalism, rather getting my butt safely back on the ground. It's something that is a lot more emotional for me now being that I am a flight (or in most cases, a few) away from so many loved ones. I depend on it...

    Luiz Felipe

    I completely agree that not all regulation is bad. A lot of it, especially in the aviation industry is very good! Air traffic control, for instance, makes it possible to have the amount of flights we have. I also like that bombs are forbidden on board.

    Drug and alcohol testing are great as well, but I don't think you need the government for that either. Don't airlines do it themselves?

    And Mr. Ray, airlines won't use it as an "excuse" to raise prices. It's cost-inflation, prices will go up because costs go up. They'll have to hire more pilots to do the same job. And competition won't take care of it, because costs go up for all airlines. In the end it's always the customers that foot the bill.

    I also agree that, in the aviation industry, safety must be paramount. But safety is a part of a trade-off in everything you do. Probably a Volvo would be safer than my Peugeot 206, yet I chose the latter, maybe because if I spent the money on a Volvo, I wouldn't be able to afford the petrol to take it out of the garage. So I got the less safe option. Cars are safer than motorbikes, and staying at home is safer than going to the beach, but people make the unsafe choices anyway. We should let them.

    I'm not sure on this, but I have a feeling that planes with four engines are slightly safer than those with two. Should we force all of them to have four?

    I'm all for butts safely back on the ground. But I'll watch my own. I really don't need the government to tell me in what kind of aeroplane or airline I should sit it down.

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