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    March 24, 2009


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    Ray Adkins

    Dear Mrs.DRL,

    There is nothing more moronic, idiotic and UN-American than FOX NEWS or any other FOX NEWS derivative commentary program!
    They are one level below "swine"-Rush Limbaugh types.


    Ray Adkins

    By the way,

    We love Canada.
    We live in Rhode Island so we get to drive to Montreal and Quebec City quite often and Mont Tremblant is our favorite ski resort.
    Our personal impressions of CANADA are the following:

    -A cleaner country ( air and water).

    -Profits don't always win.

    -100 years ahead of us in the Civil Rights arena( well, the fact that you don't have a lot of Mormons help! )

    -FREE country ( We mostly talk about it, you guys actually practice freedom-now the Bush is gone we should do some catch up )

    -Universal Health Care ( we are working on it )

    -Endless supply of talented comedians and entertainers.( You probably know how many actors, comedians and TV reporters we imported from you!)

    -Most of the great fresh produce we get year-round in New England comes from great Canadian Green House farms ( not Florida ).

    -We buy our electricity from Quebec, we don't produce enough in our 150 year old "diesel" powered plants.( We can't install wind mills in the ocean because the old rich New Yorkers would be crashing their boats into it )

    These are just our personal impressions of our great neighbors to the north.
    I also always feel safe that despite all the crazy religious freaks south and west of us, we might be able to escape up to Canada for a safe haven of sanity if the ultra religious right ever takes over our country again.
    Things are looking good though, now, that Obama was elected, we will definitely become more normal, at least it is starting to feel more normal.

    Daily Rio Life

    Thanks Ray! I know a lot of Americans feel this way and most Canadians I know do a lot of vacationing in the US as well.

    The Universal Health Care... well... let's just say the concept is much better than the reality of it!

    I had no idea about the greenhouses, that is very interesting!

    I agree there are a lot of funny Canadians which is part of the irony of this "situation"...

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