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    March 30, 2009


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    You ARE so good for biking that long and so pregnant :) I am impressed! I hope that I am that active when I am pregnant!!

    Loved the pictures and it looks like the bike tour is great!

    Daily Rio Life

    Haha thanks. The trick is to stay as active as you can all along (I had to take a break for a month due to a knee injury, see mid to end of January posts, which really slowed me down but I have worked hard at keeping it up since).

    I can't lie though - yoga has gotten a LOT harder in the past 2 weeks...


    Account Deleted

    OMG! Those croissants look delicious! Where can I get a descent croissant in Rio?

    Daily Rio Life

    If only I knew... I'd be there now! I saw some frozen ones at the grocery store last night though!

    Daily Rio Life

    Oh and if you are interested, in BA that cafe is in Soho Palermo on the corner of Gorriti and Thames.

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