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    March 25, 2009


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    Traffic in Buenos Aires, in my opinion, is completely crazy. It was the only place (with the exception of Mexico City. But traffic there is so absolutely crazy it does not even count) where people were more crazy driving than Rio. But I don't know, maybe they became better drivers since I last been there in 2005?

    Also, Armani, Christina Dior and those expensive brands are all avaible in Brazil. In São Paulo.

    But I love Buenos Aires. I think it's an amazing city and everything is very stylish and nice. Definitely worth a visit. Glad you liked and I'm very jealous of your babymoon, haha.

    Daily Rio Life

    So funny about the traffic. Those 12 lane one-ways definitely gave us the impression that the traffic does exist, we were just lucky enough not to encounter it ourselves! We were likely always travelling at off-times though, granted. We did have a few crazy taxi drivers but after a year in Rio, I'm seasoned...

    Ahhhh Sao Paulo. Right! Thanks :)

    It is a great city, I will post more soon!


    Lol, mini-mullets... so true!!! Last time I was there my friend made the comment "this city is full of guys that are one haircut away from being really hot." Next time we're bringing scissors!


    Adding to the mini-mullet comment, I haven't been to Buenos Aires,but I have been to Moscow and they're EVERYWHERE! Something you don't see much of in the states anymore. However, I have noticed the mohawk making a return...


    I loved BsAs when I went in 2005 and want to go back soon! I agree that the traffic there seemed crazier even than Santiago and what I've seen in Rio, but maybe it's better now, or maybe I'm just more used to the madness after 2 years in Chile :)

    We also have (not so mini) mullets in Santiago, and you have to go through duty free to get to baggage claim. Last time I found a perfume I hadn't been able to find in the duty frees in the US, so I'm not complaining! Glad you had a good trip.


    You do not see Oreos in Rio? I used to love them and they were easy to find in super markets like Zona Sul D:


    The mini-mullets were not gender-biased. ;) I saw so many portenas that ruined their stylish look with a good (bad?) mullet (aka femullet). Why, God, Why???

    Ray Adkins

    I can pick Argentinians out of a crowd at Penn Station in Manhattan by their ever so famous mullets...
    They have always had mullets...since the 80's...
    For some reason they ALL missed the memo on getting rid of the mullets sometime around 1989...

    Daily Rio Life

    I love how much attention the mullets are getting!

    Andre - no I have not ever seen oreos in Rio! I am starting to think that every Zona Sul carries very different products! I have seen cookies that are the same idea as oreos but not actual oreo brand oreos here.

    Emily - I like the go through Duty Free idea too because that way I don't have to drag Mr. DRL over to the store - he's already in it this way!

    And Joey you are hilarious as usual, love that comment and am likely to use it myself sometime...

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